Friday, September 25, 2015



marking milestones always makes me nostalgic. and I'm feeling remiss that I haven't recorded a bunch of going-ons here. for me, this space is really my visual and written diary. so in celebration of another year older, i'll list a few ...

- the sunsets lately have been spectacular. late summer. hot nights. but when I realize it is the end of september I begin to get antsy for cooler weather. we're ready. (even if the predicted "h-el-l nino" arrives.)

- we're leasing a third horse. Cisco. I'm a sucker for old animals in need of rescue, and he fit the bill. he is sweet and slow, and perfect for me to join in riding with the girls on Sunday. love.

- a close friend recently lost her mom after a short and aggressive bout with cancer. seeing her grieve, I was reminded of the complexity of loss, and death, and what it has brought to my life. on the other side, to know joy. true joy. there is so much space between the two. where i usually sit. i need to appreciate that space more.

- d ran a 1/2 marathon! we are extremely proud of him. he worked hard. trained hard. and set a personal record. he inspires us all...

- with that e has joined me spinning. while I enjoyed running, I had started to get bored and wasn't motivated to run when the weather was hot. riding has been great for my core, but i needed some cardio. I did some cross-training which I enjoyed, but then friends put me on to their studio, which I fell in love with. I'm going 3 times / week. and happy to have e peddling at my side at an early weekend class.

- I experienced my first american high school football game. albeit working the "snack shack". it felt like some kind of initiation. perhaps not that different than the wheat king games of my youth. I am excited for e - and her HS experience. she loves her school - and I am extremely grateful for that.

- k has also settled in nicely to school as well. I recall the transition a little more difficult for e. I'm sure seeing it first, has helped k a lot. she is familiar with the school, and the principal is actually someone we've known for a long time. (she is amazing!) while I've had my hesitations, she seems to be confident with the choices made and happy to be there. I am known to ramble on school choice here, the girls own academic pathways are something I keep to us. our public school system affords many levels of learning in an effort to differentiate. while in theory I might be attracted to this idea, the segregation that seems to be a result troubles me. i try and hold onto words my mom said to me a long time ago - you don't need the best for your child, you need what's best for your child. (thanks mom xo)

- we're going out tonight to celebrate 45 - and a friend's 44 at the six in calabasas. love the spots that have started to pop up in the west valley. hope the drift continues.

- our neighborhood has changed quite a bit this year. death. divorce. job loss. moving. and kids that at one point so easily played all together are growing up and with that new interests and a little drifting apart. it is great to see that when social occasions bring them all together, they fall back easily, like family. and I am still so constantly grateful for the friendships I've formed here. I don't know what I'd do without them.

- with new families in the neighborhood, and little kids too (yay!) a couple of young moms started "wine wednesday". described as "bookclub without the book" we gather the first wednesday of the month to nosh, sip wine, and talk mom-stuff. it is really great. and a treat to sit with these moms as they weave through motherhood, work, graduate school and so on from my vantage point, with older kids.

- trying to make this space more than just about my list making affinity! though re-reading this made me remember the importance in our house of getting things done on the weekend in order to enjoy our busy week. working in horse chores has been tough. but worth it. our groove feels close. and writing here feels good.

i think that's it. though i feel i'm forgetting something (memory, with eyesight perhaps? did I mention I finally chose reading glasses?)

with my birthday here, I have to say (again) I love my 40s. and am confident this mid-point will be a good one. hello 45 :)


house on hill road said...

happy birthday tracy! i'm about 7 months younger than much of what you wrote rings true for me as well. xo.

Julia said...

happiest of birthdays to you tracy! how i'd love to be one of the "young moms" drinking wine and learning from you and your amazing experiences. for now, i'll take your bits of wisdom and grace from your words here. you make 45 sound absolutely wonderful and i hope it is for you. xo

Tracy Bartley said...

Thank you both xoxo

BunkleLife said...

All so good. Old horses, and close family. Doesn't get much better than that xo ;)

Anonymous said...

How I love reading your blog Tracy. Many years ago I found your page and am amazed how similar some of our experiences are. I grew up in adjacent to your neighborhood and learned to ride just a couple of blocks West. Incredible! One day, I will send photos of my father's paintings - he was so good. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Tracy Bartley said...

Thank you :)