Sunday, November 15, 2015


I just can't get Paris off my mind. and I keep revisiting images from our last trip there (now 4 years ago).

Paris :: day two

it also has me thinking about the world our girls navigate. post-9/11 children, coupled with their access to media, terrorist attacks are part of their vernacular in a way they've never been part of mine. K seemed completely uninterested. E - who has a great affinity for Paris, and since a little girl, has talked of living there one day - retreated to her room and turned on Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose*. how does this shape them? how will their generation deal with the mess that's been made? will they find the solution?

Paris :: day three

may Peace be the victor

*this song was not anticipated to be a hit for Piaf - but, released 1947, in the wake of WWII, it resonated with a population looking for a rosy view...


BunkleLife said...

No words for what is going on. And it is crushing that this is the new reality. xoJ

Tracy Bartley said...

love to you, my friend xo