Sunday, November 01, 2015

Hallowe'en 2015

we had a jam-packed holiday weekend, working the ranch's Haunted "Down the Rabbit Hole" House on Friday...

preparation for Queen of Hearts
Halloween 2015

Cheshire Cats
Halloween 2015

and Trick-or-Treating and a big neighborhood party last night!

Halloween 2015

Rainbow Dash
Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

I asked K over the weekend if she ever wished our house around halloween was a little calmer, and we just went out and bought costumes. i got a resounding "no!". so glad they both share my love for this holiday. they helped design and prepare the ranch, and last night's costumes. K was very particular about her costume and how she put it together. (shout out to D for his skills with fabric paint and a glue gun!) and E did all her own make-up both nights.

hope all had a safe - and fun! - Hallowe'en. and hello November!


BunkleLife said...

Some of my fave childhood memories are of working on Halloween costumes with my Mum - so much fun, not surprised yours feel the same way. You all look so fantastic (E's makeup is fab!!) xo (and a belated BOO!)

Tracy Bartley said...

Was very proud of E's handiwork. She was too! Hope you had a great 31st J xoxo

rebecca said...

rockin' hair, t! :) love all the looks.