Friday, February 19, 2016

weekend to do (and DL recap)

we had a fabulous 30 hours at The Happiest Place on Earth last weekend while D was running the marathon. the girls and I - plus E's bestie - spent the night in a resort hotel. enjoyed a Valentine's Day breakfast in bed, then watched K play violin with her Suzuki group on the community stage at California Adventure. we hit the rollercoaster then ran across to Disneyland. K made a proclamation that this was the trip she "did" the rollercoasters. so that we did. we had a blast. perfect day with three amazing girls. hot and crowded and no complaints. and we logged 9 miles to D's 26.2 ;)


around the house
shed con't

prepare for a trial run at horse ownership (!)
local hike
fight off a cold

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BunkleLife said...

Can you do that on trial? ;) Look forward to hearing more! xo