Saturday, March 26, 2016

days of the horse

we've spent every day of spring break with Phantom. it is an absolute joy watching the girls get to know him, and him get to know us. we've done ground lessons: join-up, rope work and ground manners, and the girls have ridden him every day, dressage or trail.

he's a horse with a big personality. and somehow perfectly fits with the girls' personalities - as different as they are. i love watching them interact, individually, and together. their team effort in making this work has been noticed. i am very proud of them.


a month in, i couldn't be happier with our decision.


BunkleLife said...

so happy for you all - and he is really very handsome ;). Glad it is working out so well. (And horse nerd me has to ask what kind of bit that is? Not familiar, though it looks like it is some sort of curb)

Tracy Bartley said...

Thanks Jan xo

It is a Mikmar training bit ( It came with him ;) He has a very strong head - and can be a little stubborn in the turn. While the girls - and I - adjust to him, our trainer recommended staying with it. (It is easier on his mouth - if the rider gets heavy on their hands.) It cannot be used for showing though. For that they'll use a snaffle. xo