Sunday, September 25, 2016

HBD 2 me


Spent the day phonebanking for HRC then dinner with my best peeps at a favorite local spot.

A day with my favorite people doing something that makes me happy. And there was cake.

Who could ask for anything more?

I don't have any grandiose plans for the year ahead. There is some travel. Continuing work on a long-term project I love. A couple of new opportunities. It looks to be a very good year. I've loved (am loving!) my 40s. As Stacy London said in a recent interview, "But I own who I am when I walk into a room, and it is only age that has given me the privilege to feel that. What 32-year-old me could never have known is that growing older is such a gift. Age has mellowed many of my insecurities because the pressure is no longer on me. At 47, I'm finding that my trouser pockets are filled with fewer and fewer fucks."

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BunkleLife said...

Totally missed this post (not sure if you post in batches or I'm just incompetent, but I've missed your posts before as well) - a ridiculously belated HBD to you! xo