Thursday, February 16, 2006

Corners of Our Home 3

K's corner

This is what the little bug is looking at when she falls asleep at night. This is what the little bug first sees when she wakes in the morning. The painting is from D's time at art school. Painted from a stuffed chicken as a model. The mobile was a gift from a dear friend who found it at the Portland Saturday Market. The little bug loves to make all the noises of the animals flying above her as she drifts off. We moved her into a "big girl bed" quite early. She was just 16 months old. The crib was no longer for her. She shares a room with her big sister and wanted a bed just the same. She actually sleeps better in it than she ever did in the crib. And now can awake in the morning, pad over to my bedside and awaken me with kisses.

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samlamb said...

I love the chicken! Plus, I was so interested to hear that you moved your daughter into a big bed at 16 months - Sadie is a little bit older now, but I've wondered how soon we could move her. She's never been the best sleeper so her own not-caged-in space might be the trick!

Tracy said...

Thanks! We did find the move to a bed helpful for everyone to get a good night's sleep! We moved our older one into a "big girl bed" when she was around 18 months - and that too seemed effective.