Wednesday, February 22, 2006

dancing Maria

Had a quiet but productive weekend. Made it extra long with taking yesterday off too. We toured a charter school (a kindergarten possibility) that really impressed us, and in the afternoon I took the big bug to Nanny McPhee (really darling - and so many great knitted sweaters / vests!). I always worry about taking her to the movies. (She is 4 1/2 and sitting through it isn't the problem - but the loud sounds and her sensitivity to "scary" situations are.) This was only our second go at it and the PG rating put me off. But she insisted she wanted to see it - and really seemed to enjoy it. Especially all the "naughty" behaviour of the children.

We also had a birthday to attend on Sunday for our little neighbor S who turned 3. The big bug really wanted me to "make something!" and had been hounding me to try a cat from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. She carefully chose some fabric from our limited stash then helped me piece it together. She was in charge of putting her foot down on the pedal as we sewed her together. On completion she named her "Maria" (as in the Nutcracker) and decided she needed a tutu. Then S needed a matching tutu. The result was this

maria and tutu

which the big bug had no trouble modeling before we wrapped it up...

You can see more photos of Maria here.

Now to finish up our Mini Swap...


Anna said...

Very cute!

Mama D said...

Really sweet Tracy. You are so talented. I better learn to sew quick so I won't disapoint my daughter when she gets bigger.