Tuesday, May 29, 2007


she loves me

we had such a good weekend up in the bay area. walked and talked and looked and laughed {and froze!} and ate apple tart by candlelight.

i have often gone on about how blessed i feel to live in a neighbourhood that really does feel like a neighbourhood. we know our neighbours. and are very close to quite a few of them. none more so than those who departed our little block for a big adventure earlier this year. man we miss them. and it was decided that wherever life takes us - no matter how far apart {geographically} we may roam - we will always be neighbours. {and hey we may end up living on the same street again!}

see you soon, neighbours. xo


amy h said...

I'm glad you got a chance to visit with your transplanted neighbors. We do know our neighbors, but are not close with any of them. I grew up in a closeknit neighborhood, so I kind of miss that!

devinemom said...

i am happy to hear that you weekend was relaxing. i love that image!

gracia said...

Apple tart by the light of a candle... how I wish that was me.
see you, g

petite gourmand said...

It is pretty amazing when you live in a great neighborhood.
after almost three years we are slowly starting to get to know our neighbors.
I hope we can form similar friendships.
lucky you.
great photos as usual.

molly said...

what a gift to have such close friends and neighbors!

melissa f. said...

sounds like a dang good roadtrip

i hope someone good bought their house. when our best friends and neighbors moved i was so excited to meet the new people... sadly the good vibes didn't translate :)