Wednesday, May 23, 2007

on our way out

shadow (after dinner)

thanks for all the cozy love. and chook support! and cleanser advice... all so good!

i am suffering from a long week and a head cold. trying to get everything done at work so we can head up to sf on friday guilt free! so looking forward to a little get-away. and catching up with friends we miss so much. and of course seeing these and more "live"! and a much anticipated breakfast at kate's kitchen. (breakfast is my favourite meal for eating out, you know.)

have a wonderful long weekend everyone! see you next tuesday!

oh! and happy world turtle day! giselle's new digs are almost ready.


Kristina said...

Have a great trip tp SF - you lucky dog.... ;o)

this single spark said...

Did you get the pic I sent? Didn't know it was World Turtle Day... what a coincidence.

Have fun in SF. Will be thinking of you while I'm dancing like it's 1983!

Alicia A. said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!

BunkleLife said...

Enjoy enjoy! Hope you have a great mini-break. If you have the energy, keep driving north - lotsa weeding to be done! ;)

amy h said...

Have a safe trip! Enjoy SF!

melissa f. said...

i love this picture SO MUCH. i hope you're having a wonderful time.