Friday, November 16, 2007

the end

packing up the house and studio. like little pieces of him leaving again and again. i am finding this much more difficult that anything i can think of.

so looking forward to next week. thanksgiving. quiet. being with those i love. some time to start in on various holiday projects...

sorry if i am scarce these days. continuing to post green gift ideas over at two green chickens. and don't think it doesn't mean i'm not checking in on you.. ;)

just looked at the date - then checked my archives - and realized that tomorrow i will have had this little space for 2 yrs. hard to believe. i had no idea what i was getting into. no idea how it would make me think, do, create, act, speak-up and so on and so on. but you have certainly touched me, inspired me, supported me. and i thank you!


UNIFORM Studio said...

I would imagine that packing up would be the hardest thing. I love the image above -the little traces of paint and squeezed tubes.
Congratulations on 2 years -I'm glad you're here.

BunkleLife said...

can't imagine. really.
hugs to you. and i hope in some ways the process helps you sort through it all, inside and out.

and so glad it's been 2 years!!

leslie said...

so sorry you are sad. i think back and realize yours was one of the first blogs i ever stumbled on. i loved your house and saw you had two little girls, funny how much in common we have!

:) enjoy your thanksgiving!

alyssa said...

Thinking of you and sending my condolences. What a hard, painful and enormous task. Take care.

laeroport said...

That packing up and sorting through is so hard. And I don't think there is anything to make it easier. It just must be endured. And cherished a bit.

Here's to two years of inspriation and inspiring.

samlamb said...

i'm just catching up now, and i'm so sorry about your loss. what a story he had, and i can only imagine how inspirational he was. and to echo the others' comments - thanks to you for inspiring us these last two years. your enthusiasm, creativity and devotion always astounds me.