Monday, September 01, 2008

from the forest to the sea

fern gully

walk back from the beach

montague harbour

cottage in the woods

a few snaps from our time at the cottage...


Jennie said...

So lovely! It sounds like it was a great holiday. I know I owe you like a million zillion phone calls and letters... I've fallen off the edge of the planet almost literally - I'm in New Zealand! I promise to write more and call you soon for a full update - do you skype? I can't live without it now.. love jen

Tracy said...

jennie!!! i thought i would find you downunder. my brother is heading you way in october. wish i was going too.
yes i skype... email me when you can. do you have a flickr acct?

this single spark said...

goodness, your girls look tiny next to those trees!