Thursday, September 18, 2008



feeling really good about this working from home bit. it seems to have found a lovely rhythm of its own and is meeting my needs in ways i didn't expect. it is helping with my commitment to "grow where you are planted". a friend reminded me the other day. (thanks melissa.)

as is the change in seasons. (at least as much as you can call it that here in socal.) so glad that autumn is just around the corner...


melissa f. said...

we are still trying to find our rhythm. or maybe i should say, i'm still trying to get it down. the rest of them appear to be doing just fine.

i'd like to think that you working from home is some sort of karmic reward for all those years in l.a. traffic.

this single spark said...

I'm loving working from home today. And, amazingly, I'm actually getting work done.

Whatcha baking? Pie? Is is pie? Bet it's pie!

lisa s said...

i love this photo. feels like home