Tuesday, September 09, 2008


yes we seem to have slid somewhat painlessly back into the groove the school year brings. i credit a lot of it to the fact that e has a teacher who is also a dear friend and neighbor. i have always been very keen on the idea of a child having the continuity of teacher and classmates through their early years - but alas (gotta love them!) lausd doesn't agree. but this works as well. e's ease and comfort with mr. john have allayed her shyness and have her actively participating in class. (last year she didn't speak in class for the first four months.)

k is enjoying her pre-K year - and the morning transition with her seems to be smoothed out by the bike ride to school. nothing like 20 minutes of hearing the wind blow and watching the birds as your morning commute.

and i am back in "my shed". checking things of my list. digging around our raised beds. and daydreaming about the possibilities our (now in shambles) backyard holds. i am going to take these classes. and ask the chickens what they thing i should do. ahh yes, the chickens. (for you shanna!) they are very settled in. with free run of the backyard whenever we are home. and their comfy coop when we have to dash out. they also have a new fondness for the shed. good company. i have to say they are very good pets. albeit they do leave behind a bit of a mess. (i am not encouraging the time in the shed - and much prefer them to be fertilizing the garden!) they are very friendly and social, and have been spotted falling asleep in e's arms. yes. lots of chicken love over here.

office helpraised bed

p.s. my beloved camera's run-in with the nanaimo bar didn't go well. am looking around for ideas. any suggestions? love/hate what you are using? thanks!


Linn said...

I have to admit, I had to look up what a nanaimo bar is...did your camera meet an untimely demise at the hands of a canadian chocolate square? I must have missed it. I have/love my Canon digital Rebel, but I know that all different cameras are loved by all different folks. I must tell you that I really enjoy reading about your adventures with the public school're the only blog writer I have found who chooses to send your kids to public school and no one has reported a third arm growing because of it. As my kids will enter public school next year, I do like hearing about how you get yourself involved there. Thank you for your hard work in the public schools of SoCal.

emily said...

i adore my nikon dslr. and am smiling at the image of the chickens in the shed, and asleep in e's arms!

BunkleLife said...

I LOVE this camera. Really. I know there is a new model - but for the price ($300) I challenge you to do better.

And I love love love the chickens!!!! More snaps please. SO jealous.

Anonymous said...

Tracy...the Olympus digital slr series is worth a look. I got the body and two lenses for around 600$here in Calgary. After studying photography when film was the medium I never thought that I would go digital...especially when I am not shooting professionally and couldn't justify a pro system. I picked up the Olympus 500E and love love love it...