Monday, April 05, 2010

seemingly random thoughts and images

which really represent the highlights of our spring break...

beach day
beach day with the freighbours.

good pesach
pesach with d's family

girl night out.
a night out with e. screening of a fabulous movie at a favourite museum.

d taking a day off.

a trip to the aquarium with dear friends to meet dear friends.

sunshine. and even a little rain.

chatting through the window (while eating the most amazing cinnamon bun ever).
neighourhood easter brunch.

things i didn't get a photo of:

my acceptance of a small position in support of greening LAUSD schoolyards. whoo hoo. i am sure i probably shouldn't have. but am excited i did.

staying up a little bit late every night. and sleeping in a little bit late every morning.

no making school lunches!

my new habit.

getting to know this amazing woman better. lucky me.

a meringue and a cinnamon bun.


hannah said...

back atcha lady. i'm pretty sure i left a piece of my heart on jumilla st. xoxo

rebecca said...

i'm loving you on habit. i knew you'd be so good at it! it makes me smile inside to see places and faces that i know beyond the blog window. lucky me. :)

Dina said...

As always, beautiful words and photos Tracy. Regarding Haeshu, I've lurked on her blog for a long time, even though we live in the same area. Love her blog as well.

Habit is amazing and the talent is unbelievable.

Happy Spring.

emily said...

i love spring break, don't you? and your new habit. love that too. xo.

leslie said...

oh oh! congrats on your new "habit" i saw your house and knew it was you!