Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thinking about sewing.

but showing pictures about food.

little red hen

CSA Spring 2

i am so pleased with our csa venture. while our garden is still producing - it is a treat to receive crops we don't (can't) grow in our backyard. kohlrabi. avocado. three different kinds of carrots. turnips. (what do you do with turnips???)

our adventure in eating less meat - and less wheat - has been greatly aided by the bounty we are receiving each week. and by the wonderful eggs we collect every morning. so very good.

but what i am really thinking about is sewing. and this challenge. of which i had tossed my name in. i am trying not to put too much pressure on myself. to be reasonable. i will be very proud if i pull off two pairs of summer pjs for the girls.

ahhhh summer pjs.


house on hill road said...

right there with you. i put my name in and am going to be thrilled if i get 2 nightgowns out of it.

Terri said...

I personally dislike turnips, but the way my Mum does them is mash them with a little butter and brown sugar. I am also trying to dial down the meat consumption in our house. Thankfully the hubbie loves his veg!

this single spark said...

i think your chicken looks a bit worried about being referred to as food. ;]