Sunday, September 26, 2010

and ::40::


We celebrated my 40th last night. We weren't going to do anything now - the girls and I are taking off for a couple of weeks - but I am glad we did. It was impromptu and informal and I was surrounded by people I love. I felt very very lucky.

I keep trying to think of something clever to say about entering a new decade. A list perhaps as before. (Nice to see I have checked off so many! 31. is my priority this year.) Something to celebrate where I've been, and guide where I want to go. But I am coming up empty. We are so busy. And I am so content. Things seem to be fitting nicely. I can't say that 40 will be easy. I have a feeling I will be challenged. And I am looking forward to that.

{thank you ang for documenting it for me. xo}


Julia Posey said...

Happy birthday!

lisa s said...

happy birthday to you tracy. glad you did something nice. :)

hooray for milestone bdays !

amy h said...

Happy 40! I'm glad it was a good one.

krisel keeper said...

You know D took a few with your camera. You need to check his shots. Our pleasure. Must keep the memories somewhere in case ours start to fade.

house on hill road said...

oh happy day!
(i'm about six months behind you. ;))

BunkleLife said...

Happy belated, lovely. 40 is something to 44, THAT is a different situation entirely! ;) Wonderful that you are off down under, safe flight!!

rebecca said...

sounds like a great celebration. happiest of days/years to you! australia... wow! that's a big adventure for sure. what fun for you and the girls! can't wait to see/hear all about it.