Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the last two weeks...

back from another wonderful sojourn to the woods. the journey has become so familiar. the girls shout out landmarks before we reach them.

out the window (CA)
out the window (CA)
out the window. (CA)

we are so lucky to have this place. no telephone. no television. no internet connection. 5 acres of woods. 15 minute walk to the beach. bliss!


a pile of laundry awaits. i'll share more as the week progresses.

a very a happy 2011.


house on hill road said...

happy 2011 tracy!!!

BunkleLife said...

Great snaps as usual - and miss Moxie seems to be fitting right in (and I like her seasonal red outfit ;)

this single spark said...

good to see k dressed like a true canadian girl.... in layers! hope you got some snow. it is not wrong to miss it.

here's to 2011!

Tracy said...

thanks :)

a little bit of snow. not enough for sledding. but enough for a decent snowball fight! xoxo

rebecca said...

welcome home. :) glad there weren't any sad pics of the girls in the sled w/o any snow - wasn't there one last year? but some snow to play in this year - fun! it's a beautiful place with or without the white stuff.