Monday, January 10, 2011

little red hen.

we lost a chicken over the holidays. thankfully a very dear friend and fellow backyard chicken enthusiast was caring for them. i know she was in a good place in his gentle hands.

i wasn't going to put anything here. but found myself looking back through photos of january 2009 and our first eggs and got sad all over again.

she was an amazing chicken. a confidant. a playmate. more pet than the other two. she is greatly missed.

chicken girl
office help
oh! christmas tree
dare I say, best friends?


BunkleLife said...

So sorry about the little red hen :( It is one of those cruel rules of nature that the wee creatures we bring into our lives end up leaving us behind. Hugs from North Van. xoj

this single spark said...

my mom told me about your loss as she had read your blog earlier, but she couldn't remember which hen it was. i was hoping it wasn't little red. even though i never met her, her personality shone through your writing and pictures. i can see what you mean about her being more of a pet...

so sorry to hear of your loss. going to give some love to my menagerie in her honour.

xo c.

rebecca said...

:( sorry you lost her. it's not easy to lose a friend - even the fine feathered ones.

a coon got 2 of our 7 girls (diana and sarah) just after thanksgiving. i notice their absence from our small flock daily.

these chickens, man... who knew?