Friday, April 29, 2011

a bit of a blur




end of a full week that sped by again. so glad it is Friday.

took a few days to get back into our groove after spring break. then stayed up late and got up earlier to take in as much of the celebration as we could. couldn't help it. the girls were entranced. siting spots they will get to visit this summer.

tonight the school talent show.

tomorrow the River Day of Service and a visit to a UC Extension Master Gardener class. and in the afternoon :: some time well spent in our garden.

Sunday. oh Sunday.

hope you have a lovely one!


house on hill road said...

london this summer? we went last year. the girls' favorite site was the tower of london. be sure to get the audio tour. it's fantastic!

Tracy said...

yes erin july - i have been meaning to email you for tips!