Thursday, April 07, 2011

good evening.



i finished object of beauty last night. thought it was a great bedtime read.

a friend, hearing of the stacks of books by my bed, suggested i read more on the ipad. i balked. then thought - perhaps recipe books will be my gateway e-book drug. we will see. now i hear my mom is reading an e-book. shocking mom!


shari said...

hi tracy,
i am so torn over this whole e-book issue. i have too many physical books in my house yet am not sure i'm ready to read on a device (probably spend too much time on the computer as is!)...what to do! i know i would save money in the long run and my house would be less cluttered. would love to hear your thoughts. xo

Tracy said...

hello shari :) i worked for a bibliomaniac for many years - and have determined i am one as well. i am guilty of seeking out multiple editions of the same book for design reasons and do not mind being surrounded by my piles of books! i concede that the e-reader would save me money - and space - but am not sure that those factors outweigh my love of ink on paper. (i do need to become a better library patron.) a dear friend and educator told me of a study that showed that even more than being read to, children become strong readers when surrounded by books. so there is my ultimate excuse ;) and both girls are voracious readers! xo

rebecca said...

i love the blur with just that bent corner in focus. lovely evening light.