Sunday, April 10, 2011

this weekend

late night

dinner and mariachis and margaritas with neighbor-friends. the kids kept thanking me for making it happen. (the adventure of pinball while we waited for our table added to the excitement.) i recalled how much i loved "pay-day dinners out" when i was a kid.

an early morning birthday and a team effort on two science projects (fingerprints and catapults). a movie that surpassed my expectations.

early morning

two extra dogs to wake me up extra-early. and a quiet moment enjoying that extra-early morning.

a thrilling soccer game (these girls are really coming together!) and the finishing touches on aforementioned projects. a little time with my project (macrame).

roast chicken with mashed potatoes and greens fresh from the farm.

stock simmering on the stove.

and while in the moment it often seemed too much it is good now to write it down. i smile as i think back. and the harried moments seem few and far between.

it was a good weekend.


house on hill road said...

it sounds delightful. and i know what you mean about writing it down and looking back - that's why i keep up the 365.

sam lamb said...

sounds wonderfully divine.

happy spring to you!