Friday, November 04, 2011

lessons learning

it was a fantastic fall socal day. rain. and sun. and more rain.

i shot a whole roll of film with my old pentax k1000 up at the griffith observatory. it must have been 10 years since i last picked it up. it felt very very good. the first few times i actually looked at the back of the camera for the image. the kids were fascinated by the mechanics of it all. now to decide where to have it processed.

and i finally sent my digital out for repair. relief. i need to be better about stuff like this.

because of the rain the girls didn't ride today. instead they had a lesson on horse anatomy that culminated in labeling "Sprite" - a particularly good-natured steed - with chalk. they had a ball.

i stole away with my mother-in-law for a cup of hot chocolate and some catching up at a favourite spot. need to do that more often.

i am still under the weather. i know i need to slow down. but there is just so much (good stuff) going on. my dad used to say that you can be sick for a week in bed, or sick for a week and get things done. i used to believe it - but this time i am thinking some time in bed might have done me good. hoping for a mellow weekend. starting it with this tomorrow. need to pick up another roll of film!

we are all constantly learning new things. i just forget to notice sometimes.

it feels good to notice.

happy friday.


dina said...

I love the fact that you are using rolls of film. I fear the day going to my nearest film-drop off place and they tell me they no longer develop.

house on hill road said...

it sounds like your life is so good and full right now. i do hope you got a little rest over the weekend.