Tuesday, November 15, 2011


my camera was finally returned to me late last night. (d went to the fedex depot to get it - i was so excited.) i can't believe it took me so long to send it out. (it quit on me in august!) i was extremely pleased to learn that the repair was at not charge - and it was returned to me within two weeks of sending it off. (yay canon!)

i ran around the house while the girls were still asleep this morning clicking away.



nothing great. it was actually more difficult than i remembered to capture what i wanted. i think i am just trying too hard.

in many things actually. with the holidays around the corner i am committing to not letting this year's festivities get out of control.

keep it simple.



BunkleLife said...

welcome home canon! look forward to seeing more of you

blair/wise craft said...

I am sure I would constantly think my arm was missing if my camera was gone that long, but I'm also a procrastinator, so there you go. I am committed as you are to a stress-free holiday. We can do this T! Prove it can be done! xo