Sunday, March 25, 2012


citrus season

and just like that it's sunday night.

this weekend was a whirlwind. two school garden events. amazing communities. the little to disney for the day with friends. the time of her life. and the big to the hunger games with me. i was pleasantly impressed. a birthday party. can't believe she's 5. and that was yesterday.

today, my cold has moved on to d. we ate a lot of citrus from the farm. so good. it rained all day today. heaven. a group of parents worked the local whole foods crowd in support of raising funds for our community school park. we have been chosen for a 5% giving day! we did laundry. i did laundry. we researched adventures for spring break. here or here or here?

and we are all set to tuck in early.

good night.


Jennifer W. said...

If you do Joshua Tree, I recommend this place -- so very cool! The best part is all the little critters that gather for a snack in the morning and afternoon. Also it is right outside the park entrance (for some reason 6 miles seems pretty far)

rebecca said...

big vote for joshua tree. when we lived down there, jeff owned a vw bus, actually he owned 2 busses. we drove one of them to joshua tree and camped at white tank. loved it. such an amazing place. we also loved anza borrego... ocotillo, cholla... yes.

Tracy said...

This looks amazing Jennifer! Thank you :) Sadly booked over our break - but I am working our calendar this a.m. to figure out when we can go.
Reb - Anza Borrego is one of my favourites. We were talking camping for a while - but we tent it - and I just want to relax for a couple of days! Though we will see... the girls are rooting for it!

this single spark said...

my vote is also for joshua tree. it just looks so cool and quaint.

leslie said...

ha ha!! when i saw the joshua tree link i immediately thought of my friend jen who just went there and loved it! how funny to see her here comment, i forgot we read the same blogs. xo to jen and tracy!!