Saturday, March 17, 2012

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while visiting d's mom at the convalescent home (she fell and broke her pelvis a few weeks back) we met a self-proclaimed "affirmative color specialist" and "intuitive".

after asking the girls a few questions, he made some quick proclamations about their future.

k is creative and outgoing. she will be a screenwriter - or other creative writer. and she is a nurturer.


e is an intuitive (she knows things without knowing how she knows them). she is very smart. she will have "smooth sailing" and she will work with people.


d and i looked at each other and smiled (i think there was some eye rolling) - not really believing that this person whom we just met could know such things. but i had to write them down. because you never know. (and that to me is the true adventure.)

these are recent snaps the girls have taken of themselves on my phone. something about these - to me - captures who they are right now. god, i love them so.


it is raining. we have not too much on the calendar, as outdoor commitments have been cancelled. looking forward to celebrating st. paddy's with friends.


watching three (!) of our neighbors run the L.A. Marathon!

after that, who knows ;)

p.s. he said i like control. so perhaps he does know some things! (i am constantly working on my mantra "let go"...)

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