Tuesday, November 12, 2013


d and i on our wedding day. with his eldest brother. 14 years ago.

this day is always worth celebrating.

we keep it low key. but there is a good red wine. a toast. and pumpkin pie for dessert.

the girls giggled when we looked at photos together.

14 feels good.


shari said...

you guys look so happy! congrats on 14. xo

this single spark said...

Christina and I were just talking about your wedding today. I totally forgot the date! Not your anniversary date, but, like, what actual day it is.... so foggy.

Anyway, a huge congratulations. Your wedding was one of my favorite days ever. Hugs to you both!

Tracy Bartley said...

thanks shari xo
C- Mine too ;) And eternally blessed that you were there at my side. xoxo (Hugs to Christina next time you see her!)

rebecca said...

so pretty. love that, looking straight at the camera. calder's just starting to enjoy seeing our old photos. i should pull out more!