Thursday, November 28, 2013

in gratitude (tradition)

we gathered together with friends like family, as has become our tradition.

and as has become our tradition, pie making fell to us. this year we presented:

salted caramel


pumpkin banana mousse

chocolate pecan

and as has become our tradition, we worked to get a photo for our holiday card.


(not this one!)

i am so grateful for these two. for their eternal sunshine. and for their dad. and for the friends and family that surround our little circle. for traditions honored and created. so grateful.

happy thanksgiving.


BunkleLife said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (and that is a fantastic shot ;)

rebecca said...

yes, that is a great shot! hope you enjoyed some great pie and companionship on thanksgiving.

just wanted to share, since k is such a charming example of a kid who wears glasses… we just found out last week that calder is very much in need of his own. they should be ready by week's end, so keep an eye out for the reveal! :)

hugs to you and the rest of the jumilla crew.
-reb+the boys.