Wednesday, March 05, 2014

we got mail!

i am so lucky to call so many I've met through these blog pages my friends. i connected with rebecca & family many moons ago. and we all look forward to dropping in on them when we can (and vice versa!).

i was thrilled yesterday to receive this care package. reb took on a month of making - recording it on her blog (this screen blew my mind!) - and i am tickled that we are recipients of some of her creativity, and generosity!


beautifully crafted ceramic house numbers (in a favorite typeface no less!)

and silk bunting for the girls' rooms



thank you rebecca! (your timing was perfect. i needed a little pick-me-up!) we hope to see you all soon! xo


rebecca said...

yay! happy the package arrived safely and made your day. i love the photo of the buntings and numbers on the red.

we'd love to see you guys, as always. we're trying to dig out time for some getaways this spring and summer. what about a meet up at your cabin? just a thought. it's so hard for jeff to plan for any time off except for a couple weeks in august. maybe if we start now, we can actually have a few little trips on the calendar.

Tracy Bartley said...

:) with the kids' new school calendar summer's are a bit of a mess. they are back to school early august! we will likely head north for july. but nothing is certain yet. i'll keep you posted xo and thanks again xo