Friday, March 07, 2014

weekend to do


take in this movie with the girlies. (a character that - not by coincidence! - looks like one of them! i'll let you guess...)

around the house
paint wall with wallpaper primer
plant cut flower bed
clean out coop and chicken run. sadly we lost our sweet sweet girl chick-a-dee. sigh. many great memories. we have decided to take a chicken-keeping break, returning rhoda to her previous loving home. i'll keep you posted. xo


rebecca said...

oh no! sorry you lost a chicken lady. :( i'm glad you could find a new home for rhoda.

how COOL that there's a little k on the big screen!? calder's hoping to see that pic. and he's still riding the high of last weekend's trip to see the lego movie.

Jennie said...

Sorry to hear about miss chick-a-dee!

Tracy Bartley said...

thank you both xo

R - Lego Movie is on our list too. I've heard so many great things about it. And yes. It is very cool. She is quite tickled, as you can imagine. xo

rebecca said...

actually, i think it's the dads who are flipped out about the lego movie even more than the kids. they're reveling in it's subversive messages. and while i am sure lego is happy to sell their wares, apparently the movie very nearly mocks the notion of the big kits with elaborate instruction booklets and prescribed creations. seems they might be trying to tell me that i should build whatever/be whomever i want? big messages lie within! oh, and there's a place called "cloud cuckoo land".