Tuesday, August 26, 2014

my laughing place

the laughing place

the laughing place

goodness. there has been so much going on! we have had non-stop visitors since returning from galiano. no complaints! i love a house full. and these house guests were all very special people, making it all the better.

the last left last night. my little brother and his wife. they live many, many miles away, and have never been to visit. (we did get to spend a christmas with them not so long ago.) we didn't do too much sightseeing. lots of hanging out by the pool. lots of cooking. a trip to hollywood. and, how could we not?, a trip to disneyland. (my sister-in-law had never been - and for my brother it had been many, many years since he was there. and the girls had this as the #1 thing to do with their uncle & aunt.)

15 hours. from open to close. and more than one visit to splash mountain. (our current favorite.) we had a blast. memories the girls (and the adults!) will never forget.

the laughing place

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