Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the long way home...

it has become our tradition that d flies home early from the cottage and the girls and i linger a little longer then take the coast back home. hearing the waves crash as i fall asleep is one of my very favorite things. if we are lucky we work in a stop to PDX and/or Corvallis and/or Berkely. this year there wasn't such luck on the first two, with deadlines and holiday traffic working against us. but luck did allow my mom to join us for the drive and a last night with friends like family. girl road trip 2014 took us to seaside, or; crescent city, ca and on to the bay area. it is a time for us to chat and to be quiet. to rest and to sing. to just be together. and to gaze out the window at the amazing landscape of the western coast we love. it is such a nice way to end our trip and prepare ourselves for the adventures a new school year brings.

the long way home

today the new school year began. 5th and 8th grades unrolled before us and we are all excited by the prospects. it will be the final year at our neighborhood elementary school and also the last before e moves from middle school on to high school. it will go quickly i am sure.

and i imagine another drive the long way home will be here before we know it.


Mary Jo said...

i think it's so incredible the time and space you have there. love taking a peek each year.

Tracy Bartley said...

Thanks Mary Jo :) We feel so very lucky! xo