Friday, November 14, 2014

coffee talk


i LOVE coffee. i was just telling d, that when i can't sleep, i just focus on that cup of coffee that will be waiting for me when i wake up. we have our morning coffee ritual in stone (pretty much). d wakes up at least 1/2 an hour before me (he uses an alarm, i don't) and makes a pot with our french press. there is a mug (good size) waiting for me when i shuffle to the table to spend a few minutes with him before he heads to work. then i have my 1/2 hour to savor my coffee - and the L.A. Times - before the first kid gets up at 6:00.

by the time the kid routine wraps up and i am back home from drop-off and dog walk, i am ready for another cup. i had been simply making another press pot - but it was always too much (and too much work). we had a bialetti moka, and i used that for a while, then developed a latte habit and d bought me the mukka (now discontinued). i love it. it totally satisfies my latte craving (though I need to make sure to drink it right away, or it isn't hot enough for my liking.) and then i wanted to cut down on the dairy, and decided pour-over, was the way to go.

again, i only need a cup. while i love the design of the chemex, it was too large for my need.  i didn't want something plastic.  when i saw this beautiful ceramic piece, i couldn't resist. (my ceramic mug is an important part of my morning coffee ritual!) it is perfect. (i am so sad that they are sold-out as i am very happy with it, i planned on it becoming - with some peet's coffee - my go-to-gift this holiday season.) the ceramic pour-over meets my easy to clean, quick and simple check-list. while still maintaing the coffee-making ritual.

no, we haven't bought into the pod system. the convenience is tempting, but my hippie side just can't get there. (d uses one at work - and is a fan.) for larger gatherings, we do have a cuisanart coffee maker that comes out of storage.


the best (and healthiest) cup of coffee?

**update** the coffee cone is available from its source - ANK Ceramics -  here!  (thanks shari for the tip!)


BunkleLife said...

I"m all about the pour over - and have an old ceramic single cup melita pour over cone with a broken handle (!) that I've used for years - because I couldn't find another ceramic one to replace it with...until now...may just treat myself :)

Tracy Bartley said...

i hope you do jan xo