Wednesday, November 12, 2014

good read day/week/month

i've come across two interesting ways to share articles lately. (i really feel i get so much of my information - valuable and otherwise - from things that are sent to me via the web.)

1) joanna goddard's "articles club" (love this idea.)
2) my friend nomi's weekly "5 things" email where she compiles 5 things found on the web + a photo she is loving. (so good!)

four links that crossed my desktop today that i don't want to forget...

the best worst president ever (yes! i really need to become a citizen.)

we want your job: graphic designer at madewell (e and i have been talking a lot lately about careers - and i've been stressing to her that if you love it, and can imagine it as a job, it likely exists! she has a strong interest in fashion, photography and design, and i want to make sure to share this interview with her.)

at what point is a model really considered plus size (one of the things that worries me most about her interest in fashion is the perpetual idealized body images presented there. though the choice of phrase isn't a good one - this still made me happy.)

10 reasons your teenage daughter should own a horse (no comment!)


along with all that - today is our 15th wedding anniversary. it doesn't seem like such a big number really, but then i look at the pictures that chronicle that day and the pictures that chronicle those years and can't believe it. i am so very lucky. my dad told me a long time ago that marriage is hard. it is. but it is oh so worth it all.

i love you cowboy. thank you for letting me, be me. and for making me better at it. here's to many more. xo


BunkleLife said...

Love it.
RE Horse owning - oohhh yes. But I'd suggest leasing has the same benefits while managing to dodge some of the (unexpected but regular!!) expenses that come up...but once again, ooohhh yes :)!

And re modelling and body image - the reality of it (from my former model niece) is that generally a size 6 is considered too large for conventional modelling - and "plus size" models do tend to be in the 10/12 range. She lost jobs because her booty was too big for stock clothes (she is size 4 and 6 feet tall - she was much more marketable as a gangly size 2 teenager - a totally unrealistic body type for grown women). Fashion can be a messed up world - but there is certainly room for strong, confident young women to bring change :) I always enjoy the blogger section of ModCloth - creative styling and a lot of diversity...

Tracy Bartley said...

xo Jan Yes to a lease. In fact I'm inclined for us to start with a 1/4 (or 2) as the girls learn more about the responsibilities involved. all quite exciting.

And I (we!) need to check out ModCloth! xo