Monday, January 26, 2015

night out

The Burning (Mandelshtam), 2006 oil and wax on canvas

d and i were thrilled to be invited to the inauguration of Enrique Martinez Celaya's new Los Angeles studio. and even happier that my cold subsided enough that we could attend saturday night!

we started off with a nostalgic early dinner at father's office (we went to the helms bakery location, but i spent many happy hours as a getty graduate intern at the santa monica office, years ago, when it was a craft beer pub with a long history. the office burger is still one of the best burgers i've ever had.)

then we headed to Martinez Celaya's space, which he's been in for 9 months or so. the converted industrial building provides discrete spaces for the artist to paint, draw and sculpt. it was truly magnificent. the kind of LA studio one dreams of. (Kitaj would always joke about how small his studio was in comparison to most L.A. artists.)

the night ended with a performance by his long-time collaborators, the cowboy junkies, who performed a full set in the courtyard, under the stars.

The Well, 2013 bronze

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watch for Martinez Celaya exhibition at LA Louver April 2015

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