Thursday, February 26, 2015


RBK In Our Time
from the series:
In Our Time, 1969-70
screen print on paper
copyright R.B. Kitaj Estate

on the advice of (more than) a few, i've started social media accounts related to what I'm working on. I do believe there is a whole new generation that could fall in love with his work. I saw it happening in Berlin. and I hope for more of the same, next month in Amsterdam.

if you're interested in RBK, you can find them, for now, here:




William Scott Foundation facebook
O'Keeffe Museum instgram
Sam Francis Foundation instagram
Donald Judd Foundation on twitter

your favorite artists / artists' estates on social media?


BunkleLife said...

I will tell Tui to check out the Amsterdam show (wish I could too :)

Tracy Bartley said...

Yes! If she is interested in coming to the opening, send me her email address. ;) xoxo