Wednesday, March 25, 2015

back & forth

shoe banks

back to our routine just in time to gear up for another departure. as I mentioned, E and I are heading to D.C. for five days of history, including visits to gettysburg and philadelphia. we are both very excited.

not growing up on this side of the 49th parallel, i admit i know very little u.s. history (aside from our role as a safe haven for slaves - canada abolished slavery in 1833 - and confederates during the civil war - after losing at gettysburg, general george pickett fled to canada.) both girls have been studying u.s. history this year, so i feel i have a basic understanding, and look forward to learning more. to feeling the history around me.

amsterdam felt so full of history. and reminded me of stories from my childhood. these shoes - one from my recent trip, and the other sent to my mom by her uncle, who was stationed in the "Nederlands". i've always been fascinated by my mom's shoe bank - and the story it represented. i couldn't resist picking up another.

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