Wednesday, March 04, 2015

speaking of growing older...

as I get closer to 50 (pretty much in the smack-dab-middle of my 40s) I have noticed bits and pieces of me no longer work the way they used to. sigh. that said, I am loving my age. I can't complain. my soul feels better than ever. I love the easy confidence I seem to have found in this decade, as a mom, wife, friend, and professional. (this article actually sums it up quite well for me - though toddler-hood is far behind us. especially love the bit following "There are no grown-ups.") I love the freedom of having older kids (so much less stress when I have to travel for work), and the joy of watching who they are becoming as young women (so much fun to travel with!). I'm even liking the white streak! nope, I can't complain.

well, except for my vision. I noticed a month or so ago that I was struggling to read in bed, and blamed it on tired eyes. then I noticed that I had to hold my phone a little farther from my face when taking a photo. uh-oh. i've gotten through the last 44 years without glasses, and close to 20/20 vision for the most part. i fear my 40s have brought that to an end.

and so I'm shopping for reading glasses. (though you know you're going to be ok, when j.crew is carrying readers!) something a little quirky. (I think that's why I'm leaning toward the crystal frames.) here's what i've found so far:



any thoughts?


Frances McDormand on aging.

Lisa Congdon on getting older.

Julianne Moore on being 50: "If you’re 50 you’re never going to be 50 ever again so enjoy being 50," she says. "If you sit through the year wishing you were younger, before you know it it’s going to be over and you’re going to be 51."


BunkleLife said...

Do not get me started on the slippery slope of failing near vision. So so frustrating. I now have to wear reading glasses to clean my house (I *thought* it was clean ... reading glasses told me otherwise)

Crystal frames are very fun. Also think the JCrew (JCrew?!) torties would look great on you.

Have you taken a look here?


Tracy Bartley said...

Good find J. Thanks xo

house on hill road said...

Ha! We're the same age and I am experiencing the same thing. Fatty loves his eyebobs....I haven't found any that I love yet, but you have rounded up some good ones here.

this single spark said...

How did I miss the chop?!?? Oh ya... December was stupidly busy....

You know I'm a fan of short hair and grey streaks, so I'm a bit biased when I say it looks fantastic!