Thursday, December 11, 2014

mon chop


as this photo attests, i chopped my hair off a week ago. (or rather, my dear and trusted friend alice chopped it off a week ago!) reactions have been many and varied. what made me do it? had i been thinking about it for a long time, or was it done on impulse? did I mean to do it? aren't I worried about the cold weather?

i had been thinking about it for a long time - and over the summer went from middle of my back to a short(ish) bob. (well it felt short at the time, but not compared to now!) i had run it by the girls and d to concerned looks and statements such as "but you'll look like a boy." to be honest, the girls trepidations played a part in the carry-through. people! it is just hair! well, actually, a woman's hair isn't really just hair. it is mired in social conventions going back to ancient times. i'm not big on social conventions. especially that are restrictive.

so i cut it off.

as for the reactions, well, most have been extremely positive. a few have been skeptical. and a couple of 7 year old girls in my running club were very confused ("did you overcut your hair?" has been my favorite question. and then the look when i told her "no, i did it on purpose!")

our girls are inundated at every waking moment with ideals of feminine beauty that shape their thoughts, preferences, and feelings about themselves. i feel very strongly, as their mom, that i need to be a loud voice in that messaging. their worth is not in their outward appearance, and it certainly isn't in their hairstyle. i've reminded them that some of their heroes had/have short hair. (emma watson on short hair) that being beautiful really does come from within. being comfortable with who you are and what you look like makes you glow. and that personal style, and the confidence that comes with it, can turn heads as well. that they are strong, and they are smart, and they can do anything. and of course, it is only hair. and it grows.

my biggest fear, not looking like a boy, but rather looking too old. honestly, in hindsight, i think the long hair was dragging me down. not too say i won't grow it long again. the idea of white haired old lady - a la beatrice wood with her hair up in a bun - has always appealed to me :)

but, i gotta say, i love it. it has more versatility than i expected. (cute bobby pins can dress it up, or a little product for an 80s, punkier version.) it is super easy. no more helmet head after riding! it is a perfect foil to the wintery rainy weather (no more big hair!). it shows off my color (and white!) in a way i'm happier with. (surprising amount of people have asked if i colored it as well - which i didn't.) it feels good. and a little bold, which feels good as well.

who inspired me: garance dore.

where it happened: lucas salon, echo park

favorite short hair product: night.rider


BunkleLife said...

You've always looked great with shorter hair IMHO - and short hair has more energy somehow - love the change.

The one thing that does disturb me? That salon offers nostril waxing. NOSTRIL WAXING. Make the hairless insanity stop!!

Anonymous said...

A mindful decision for all the right reasons! And, I recall this cut in Grade 10. xo

rebecca said...

tracy, you glow. :) and it's not just the hair, but the person who chose to do it. i bet it feels great!