Friday, December 26, 2014

merry merry!

*that was just the break I needed. xo  we're home from our island - and I'm busy sorting through all the photos of the past four weeks and uploading posts gathered while we were away.  I realize that makes the timeline on these kind of quirky, but I like keeping it chronological.  for me - this blog is a journal of our days, my thoughts, and various other bits that are important to me to document. 

this was only our 2nd christmas with just the 4 of us waking up together christmas morning. (and only my 3rd without my mom.) we switched up our holidays this year to take advantage of the girls' later break and to give them the opportunity to enjoy a california christmas. (we will head up to the cottage on boxing day.)

Christmas 15

we spent christmas eve having a traditional mexican feast - ceviche, tamales, and all sort of goodies prepared with love by one of the best cooks I know. then home to open the traditional gift of christmas pjs (horse and unicorn onesies!), compose a quick note to accompany santa's snack, and off to bed.

christmas morning d and i prepared a big breakfast - like that of my childhood (my dad loved to cook breakfast christmas morning) with eggs, bacon, panattone and lots of coffee.

and while I hesitated to cook a formal christmas meal, knowing we were leaving town the next day, I was so very glad I did. I managed to order a free-range young turkey which we had along with riced potatoes with gravy, roasted root vegetables, a black and wild rice with butternut squash and pomegranate salad (so good) and my favorite cranberry recipe and with a rustic pear tart with whipping cream for dessert. the girls set the table with our china and silver (which I promised myself we will use more in 2015), tall beeswax tapers in silver candlesticks, a floral arrangement, and the sweetest christmas crackers (these, that I'd found months back locally). it was beautiful.

Christmas 15

all in all, it was a quiet day. mainly spent reviewing the goodies brought by santa - then going for a walk. the big news - two quarter-leases. a horse and a pony. it is a great big baby step and we are all very excited. (more on the logistics of this - and photos - soon!)

oh! and we closed the day with e conducting us in a family horn ensemble. (horns courtesy of the aforementioned christmas crackers!)

my wish for 2015, more days like this. we don't need much more. xo


rebecca said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you 4 too! (From the future… January 10th!) So cute! :) <3

Tracy Bartley said...

Thanks Reb. You guys too ;) A little time travel.. xoxo