Monday, December 26, 2005

A very merry Christmas

Another Christmas has passed. It was one of only two in 35 years that I haven't spent with my mom, who this year celebrated with my brother and his girlfriend up in Canada, in the small city of my childhood. And the fourth without my dad, who died of complications during heart surgery in early 2002. It was just my little family for the morning. And a flurry of wrapping paper. The oldest bug woke early to tear into her stocking, waking the younger one in the process. "Oh how did Santa know Mommy?!" (Who would have guessed that a remote control snake could bring a four year old girl such joy?!) The stockings emptied and the paper packages torn open, we had a late leisurely breakfast. Took a walk to enjoy the unseasonably warm day. Then returned home to bury ourselves in the new books Santa brought, and eventually nap in front of the Christmas tree.

We woke up to load into the car and drive across this big big city, leaving the sunshine and blue skies of our valley for the cooler temps and fog of the coast, to our dear friend's, to be included in their feast and festivities. I feel so lucky to have friends like these in this big big city. Sam and I arrived here at the same time (it will be ten years in September) and worked together, met our future husbands, then married them within a week of each other. My four year old adores her almost three year old. And my 18 month old is fascinated by their family "dogdog"! And I am overwhelmed, continuously, by Sam's culinary prowess, and decorating mastery! Thanks for making our day extra special and for taking my mind off those who weren't able to be with me.

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Sam said...

You are always welcome - anytime. And it was so nice having you all there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tracy!!

Soy un chico de Jumilla, y buscando el nombre de mi pueblo (Jumilla - Murcia - España/Spain) he encontrado tu blog!!

Solamente saludarte y felicitarte también a tí el Año Nuevo.