Thursday, December 08, 2005


Taking inspiration from various bloggers we jumped on the bandwagon and have been undertaking a different activity (or as my older bug calls them "chore") each evening to mark the countdown to Christmas. We started out easy with a bubble bath, followed by snapping portraits of each, hot cocoa with all the fixings, stargazing before bed, building a fort, and making paper snowflakes. Last night was to have been an indoor picnic. Somehow in the rush of picking up the kids, visiting the post office to get a much anticipated package from Grammy, and making it home for dinner, we forgot to make it a picnic. As the dinner plates were being cleared my 4 year old exclaimed "Oh Mom, we forgot our picnic. I am soooo sad!". "Oh dear", I replied. "I am disappointed too. Maybe we can switch it with tomorrow's activity?" I suggested hoping to ward of the less and less frequent but still present 4 year old tantrum. "Or Mommy, we could pretend we did have a picnic, and we brought our table." I love love love this girl! For sooo many reasons!

Tonight we are our own marching band!

See more pictures of our activities here.


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