Friday, December 16, 2005

Hanukah gifting

I stayed up too late last night (after a visit to our neighbours and friends Joe and Robin to pick-up some tees for holiday giving) trying to make a beautiful square of crazy quilt into a pillow. I believe that the quilting was done by my husband's great grandmother. It was found, alongside 3 more squares and an unfinished satin quilt in the garage of my in-laws when they moved a few years ago. My older bug chose this square for the pillow as she loved the handpainted swan at its center. It is now a Hanukah gift for my ever generous, talented mother-in-law, whose name I drew from the hat for gifting this year. She is hard to shop for so I decided to make something for her instead. I'll take the finished pillow to the family Hanukah celebration where her four children, their spouses, and eleven of her thirteen granchildren will descend on her home for candle lighting, dreidel spinning and of course eating!

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Sam said...

It's really beautiful. I wish I could find things like this in my in-laws garage