Friday, December 12, 2014

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my neighbor dede brought me this treasure last week. she knows my soft-spot for all things community building. how fun it would be to revive this - but i fear not very practical. perhaps as a e-blast?

this is just a taste. it is full of reports from the different neighborhood committees, including the "tender-agers" (1-5), teenagers, game club and so on. two pages are dedicated to all the neighborhood birthdays (listing by name) in july, august, and september. there are a couple of profiles on neighbors "The People Among Us" and a "Party Line" column that seems to be keeping up with the "gossip" of the 'hood:

Pat Humber went to Hawaii after two years of saving and planning. I understand it was well worth the effort. The Sullivans and Laskers "spent" some time in Las Vegas the early part of summer...

its is also a great document of the times. 1960 in the SFV. Stay-at-home moms. Busy fathers. Teens gathering at swimming pools and planning trips to Zuma and Pacific Ocean Park:

...the whole bunch of us went to P.O.P. (Pacific Ocean Park. It was a real blast and I really hope we plan another outing to P.O.P. real soon. There were just millions - well, maybe not millions - but there were a whole bunch of rides and every one of them was kicks. We all dreaded going home..."

love the ads.  all small, local.  sigh.

would love to find more of these, and start an archive at the school.

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