Saturday, July 04, 2015

wonder / wander

we spend a lot of time here just doing nothing. it is really my favorite thing. no need to entertain the kids - there is so much for them to discover on their own. this was the first summer I allowed them to go to "our beach" on their own - a little nerve wracking the first time, but really exciting for the two of them. (it isn't a swimming beach per se - but a favorite spot to tide pooling, and sitting on a warm sandstone rock with a favorite book - which is what they did.)

k likes to go - and so bringing her bike with us is important. (its where she learned to ride.) our road turns into a fireroad - closed to traffic - that leads through a park mid-island. creeks and wildlife and a variety of forest and flowers (and blackberries if we're lucky!). there are lots of stops and starts while she gets off to explore.

it is always fun to follow...






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