Thursday, July 23, 2015

summer lovin' (part 2)

the second important ingredient for our summer is a good playlist. we spend 2 days driving up to the cottage, then 5 days down the coast on our return. the songs need to appeal to everyone. they need to sound good played loudly. and ideally, we all can sing along. (and if we are really lucky, someone can play the ukulele along to them, as well*)


here is what e put together this year...

jesus of suburbia :: green day
geronimo :: shepard
high young :: rising suns
shut up and dance :: walk the moon
budapest :: george ezra
kids in america :: kim wilde
cheerleader :: omi
riptide :: vance joy*
american idiot :: green day
want you back :: michael jackson
living on a prayer :: bon jovi
its time :: imagine dragon
don't you forget about me :: simple minds
time after time :: quiet drive
can't feel my face :: the weekend
good riddance :: green day
all star :: smashmouth
car radio :: 21 pilots
in too deep :: sum 41
for baltimore :: all time low
young and beautiful :: lana del rey


BunkleLife said...

Why do I want to add some Weezer to this? Island in the Sun maybe? Say it Ain't So? ;)
(nice list E!)

Tracy Bartley said...

Yes j! In fact, "Beverly Hills" was on heavy rotation - but we both forgot! xoxo