Wednesday, December 27, 2006

greetings from rancho mirage


so much of what i love about this area is gone. replaced by strip malls. and more strip malls.

but there are still vestiges of what it was

and it is a treat to be with family that i rarely see. cousins who are now parents too. and eight kids who are meeting together for the first time. two eight year olds, two five year olds, two four year olds and two two year olds. perfect.

hope yours was as noisy and wonderful as ours!


this single spark said...

your holiday sounds perfect.

our christmas was quiet and wonderful. spent lots of time with family, went skating, visited a few friends, ate too much, relaxed. really needed four days like that!

hannah said...

perfectly perfect! so glad you had a wonderful time with family!

leslie said...

couldnt agree more, love the old fashioned stuff, i cry when an old building is torn down for something run of the mill. christmastime makes me nostalgic. happy holidays!

Kristina said...

Sure was ;o)
My kids just met my cousin's 4 and 7 year olds and had a blast!! Love when that happens ;o)

Gwendolen said...

What a riot that must have been! All those relatives- so fun!

BunkleLife said...

Love the Ellie!
Hols sound great - it is all about the chaos, and learning to love it! Had a good one, somewhat less chaotic but more people than usual for dinner - so packed in that you could only move your arms from the elbows down, but that was half the fun ;-)


leslie said...

happy new year tracy!

aynur bicer said...

happy new year

chronicler said...

Ah your picture takes to straight there! You've crossed over from cat city to palm desert. I love that elephant because I know I'm finally almost there! :-D