Monday, December 11, 2006

slowing down / looking up

so many events of last week threw me for a loop. as they did to others as well. such sadness. and inspiration. a mix of emotions. and a reevaluation. especially poignant this time of year.

so while things may have been quiet here in this "virtual" space. they haven't been so in my "real" world. last week was a whirlwind of school and preschool events. too much really. but oh so good to be part of at the same time. parties, concerts. and this coming weekend doesn't look much better. worse in fact. 'tis the season.

our saturday was full too. and wonderful. a trip to the scholastic warehouse sale with e's school librarian. a holiday gift from the pta to the school. a trip to felt club and dinner at fred62 with dear dear friends/neighbours. (so great to finally meet lizette in person, and chebang too.)

sunday we played catch-up. the second sunday in advent. a tree. a long nap. hot cocoa and sitting by the fire. the look on k's face when she awoke from said nap and came around the corner.

sunday was the way i wish it all could be. not worrying about what comes next. what hasn't gotten done. just savouring the day and (at the back of my mind) knowing what needs to get done will, and what doesn't, well, it won't. and that is ok too. e worried that our advent activities would end too soon as we haven't finished our stockings. i assured her that we would still do the activities. that was the important part. not the delivery. but the content. i know that the events of last week reminded me of that. let go. enjoy. savour. peace. make the time to be with those i love the most. (the most important thing to make on my list this year.)

thanks so much for all your comments on d's bench. i am so very proud of all he does. and thank you too for the teacher gift suggestions. we are planning on a combo, gift card, zippered pouch, portrait by e. will let you know how it goes! have a lovely monday.

just read amanda's post. perfect.


melissa f. said...

i had a little lady crush on my elementary librarian... she was the keeper of all those books!

yes... slowly. very good.

estea said...

ooo those scholastic sales are big trouble for me. Big Trouble. ;)

i love this advice/wisdom: true charity comes from the heart. follow your heart.

janice said...

How I long for slow. And throwing out all the unnecessary stuff that clogs my brain and my time. Nice reminder.
And great tree snap!

blair said...

You said it, last week hit me more than I realized. New week, renewed hopefully.

Alicia P. said...

Thank you for that photo, and this post.

Oh, the photo. . . .

hannah said...

we had the exact same sunday. so nice, no?

abby said...

what a truly stunning photo! I can't imagine how busy the holidays are with kids! eek...
(but a good eek)
amanda's post is great, thanks for the link