Wednesday, December 13, 2006

night on the town {shameless promotion}


as i have said before. we don't get out too much. and i miss it. so when d's dear cousin and his bride-to-be passed through town yesterday {on their way to Yale - congrats again Jesse!} we decided it was the perfect excuse to get the whole family together and head to dinner. where? d's brother and sister-in-law's {she's the pastry chef} restaurant of course.

table for 21 under the neon and stars thank you very much. the company awesome. {this big overwhelming loud family has become a love of my life.} and the food {of course} was amazing!

party of 22

on the subject of shameless promotions - has anyone else fallen for these? environmentally friendly, sweet-smelling, crackly fire goodness they are in heavy rotation at our house on these chilly socal winter nights.


sally said...

Oh my! I just looked at the Beacon's menu...yum.yum.yum. I will check it out next time I'm in LA.

Sounds like a wonderful night with dear friends + family.

tracy said...

let me know sally and we'll meet you there. . . xo

EarlOfPortland said...

i miss you all! its great to see a picture, if you have any more you can send that would be great! I LOVE YOU!

melissa f. said...

it sounds so fun. except for the chilly socal nights part, where i see that you are rubbing our noses in our gloom doom and rain :)

really though... i know you'd like some of the wet, so i'll wish it you're way.

amy h said...

I'll have to tell my LA sister about the restaurant!

I haven't tried those logs, but they sound great! I'll have to look for them the next time I'm at Whole Foods. Of course, then my husband wouldn't get to mess with the fire for hours on end. He likes doing that for some reason.