Friday, June 08, 2007

pool's open

here we go...

first dip

have a great weekend!


BunkleLife said...

Ahhh yes! I can hear the splashes all the way up here ;)

Hey - are those pretty pink toes yours? Did you end up finding something that makes you and mama nature happy at the same time?

tracy said...

yup - those are my tootsies! i am so thrilled with the honeybee garden polish i got - must blog about it soon! xo

alyssa said...

Hi Tracy,
Such a sweet picture. You probably already know this, but REDCAT is having a children's film festival this month.
Take care.

cally said...

hi pool gal!
i've been woefully neglectful in my blog visits so i'm glad you left a comment and brought me back. yes, i went to NSCAD, i loved the college, loved the people, loved Halifax. I only came home cause i had no money left and wasn't allowed a work visa, otherwise i would have stayed and finished college there.

very excited by your chook posts!

horrified to see, but glad you show, that plastic bag counter on your blog. it's quite the most frightening simple thing i've seen in ages.

have a loevly weekend in the pool x

melissa f. said...

hurray! we'll be right over.

leslie said...

so jealous!

gwendolen said...

hey i'm in tofino on the wild west coast of the island...let me know if you're heading to Galliano anytime this summer. Its pouring rain here...that pool looks so inviting...but you know how it goes, the rain is just part of it all.